We attach great importance to customer satisfaction from our products and services within the framework of our high quality understanding that we have created with our mission, vision and core values.

As Doğasa, we carry the importance we attach to customer satisfaction further in order to provide you with the best service, with the comprehensive studies we have carried out to improve customer service processes and the policies we have developed. In this direction, we are very happy to share our basic principles for customer satisfaction with you.


Our customers can easily convey their complaints, information requests, suggestions or satisfactions and access our company through various communication channels offered by our company.

Availability of Information

Our customers can reach the information they request in the shortest time and in the fastest way from the contact link of our site, by phone or online support requests.

Quick Feedback

We attach great importance to responding to all applications and requests submitted by our customers as soon as possible.

Solution Focused

We create articles in line with the needs of our customers in the FAQ section of our site. We produce effective solutions after our customer calls our information service.


All submitted applications are handled and evaluated in an objective framework, and objectivity criteria are taken as a basis in the resolution process.


The use of personal information obtained during customer applications is limited by law and the principle of confidentiality is adhered to.

Customer Focus

A customer-oriented approach has been adopted in order to provide the best service to our customers and to meet customer expectations at the highest level.

Taking Initiative

In order to meet the needs of our customers as soon as possible and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, our employees have the authority to take initiative when necessary.

Customer Participation in the Process

Our customers are informed about the evaluation and resolution stages of their complaints in the most effective way, and their active participation in the process is ensured.

Openness to Audit

Evaluation of the applications made by our customers, solution stages, call requests and results are reported and monitored.

In-House Information

In our company, customer complaints are shared and followed up with our relevant technical solution team.

Continuous improvement

Suggestions and opinions from our customers are meticulously evaluated and used as a resource within the scope of continuous improvement studies.

Conscious User

Our institution, which aims at continuous learning and education, provides advice and information on the blog page in order to contribute to the conscious use of products to users who have purchased or not purchased products from us.